DIY cutie Dolls

I made these cutie little dolls.. they are just adorable!!

Would you like to make some cutie dolls?

Maybe for your own little ones? Or the neighbors? Or as gifts? Or hey, how about one or two to sit up on your room shelf? They will surely happy up your creative space : )


Before getting started, go and draw a pattern on cardboard and cut out a Doll Pattern.

Trace your pattern  on a doubled folded piece of fabric.

Cut out your fabric 2x piece of

***Seam allowance for the dolls is 1/4 inch

***I used 100% cotton for the doll pattern piece.

***and twine for the hair.

For one doll, you’ll need 2 body pieces,  and then possibly some hair.  After cutting them out in your desired fabric, attach any extra pieces you need like ears. that’s if you want some ears.

For the shoes, I used the leg pattern piece to cut out a shoe shape and then sewed each “shoe” onto the bottom of each leg piece (on the “right side” of the fabric)


With just one line of stitching a long the straight top edge of each “shoe”.  I used felt for some of the shoes but you could used a variety of fabrics.  If you use a fabric that frays, you’ll need to fold under the top raw edge of your shoe before sewing it down.


(I found that using a shorter stitch length really helped while sewing around small circles.  It will give you more control.)  You could also hand-stitch the face on right now  but I wanted to see the dolls all put together before deciding where the mouths would go…..but you decide what works best for you.


Construction of the dolls:

Once your dolls have all the details you want (or don’t want), it’s time to put everything together.

First, place your Body Front and back right sides together, matching up the the straight edges of both. stich all around but be sure and leave a short piece on the one side of the tummy open and the short straight ends open on the arms and legs.

Make several cuts along the curves of the neck/head/under arms and crotch.  Cut right up to the seam but not through it.

Now, practice some patience and start by turning the legs and arms right side out. 🙂  I use the rubber eraser end of a pencil or chrochet needle to shove the closed end down inside of itself and then wiggle it through until I can get it turned completely right side out.  You may have to work at it slowly and pull on little bits of fabric at a time to force the pencil through……but it will turn eventually.  Then, use something smaller (knitting needle, mechanical pencil tip, etc) to poke out the thumb and “finger” and feet sections.

Then, turn the doll’s torso and head right side out.

Then start to stuff each arm and leg with batting (not too full and tight……but not too loose and floppy either).  I used the eraser end of a pencil again, to help shoe the batting inside each one.

leave about a 1/2 inch free at each end, then stuff the torso and head. You’ll need enough batting to really plump it out and expand all of the seams and give the doll shape.  But not so full that all the seams are pulling and almost splitting.

Then, fold the tummy side open edges towards the inside, a 1/4 inch, and hand-stitch closed, and also the hands and feet openings.

Paint/draw/ the face.

Decide on the hair do.. cut the twine accordingly.. stich to the head.

Dress your doll with your own handmade outfits.


And walah that’s it.

Enjoy your own handmade cutie doll Xx Susan


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