What the wedding colour Red say about your personality

red shoes
red shoes

The colour red for your chosen wedding theme and what it say about your personality.

As per my previous post your choice of wedding colours tends to be a subconscious reflection of your personality and an indication of how you imagine your future marriage will be.

cake with red roses
cake with red roses

You may have decided on your colour, or colours, years and years before your wedding, but it will still reflect your personality traits.

red dress
red dress


Choosing a Red themed wedding, from a colour psychology perspective, creates passion, energy and excitement.

bridal party
bridal party

Red will create a warm and stimulating mood at your wedding with high energy and lots of action.

  • Choosing red for your main wedding colour identifies you as extroverted, confident and optimistic.
  • It is an attention-seeking and an attention-getting colour so whichever way you look at it, you like to be noticed and love being the centre of attention – which of course is perfect for your wedding.
  • You are action oriented with a deep need for physical fulfilment and to experience life through the five senses – this will be evident in your wedding with music, dancing, good food and a great visual experience for everyone.
  • You will want to be in control of all aspects of your wedding, but be aware that you may come across as being bossy at times and your aggression may upset others involved in your wedding planning.
  • You will demonstrate a vibrant enthusiasm for life throughout your marriage as you discover and pursue new physical directions and goals – you will need a like-minded marriage partner to keep up with your energy levels!

    Variations of Red

    The deeper the red, the more subdued the energy and the more sophisticated it is.

    Burgundy, which is red with some black or dark purple in it, is controlled passion and energy.

  • red rose boutonniere
    red rose boutonniere

    Maroon, which is red with blue in it, is a more conservative colour involving thoughtful action and passion.


    There are some old English superstitions around using red and white for wedding colours. These superstitions say that any combination of red and white, including flowers, should be avoided because they represent blood and bandages–not the best symbols for a wedding. If you are not superstitious then take no notice of this.

    red shoes wedding
    red shoes wedding

    Cheers until next time

    Watch out for my next Post: What the wedding colour  Pink say about your personality.

    Cheers Susan

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