DIY Rose

How to make a rose out of fresh tree leaves.

Diy rose
You can also use autumn leaves. But then you have to wait for autumn ; )

Lovely to use to spur up serviettes or dress up a gift.

You will need:
. Fresh tree leaves
. A dry thin stem
. Thin wire
. Little piece of material. .I used Hussain
. Piece of ribbon

For detailed instructions see my video


DIY cutie Dolls

I made these cutie little dolls.. they are just adorable!!

Would you like to make some cutie dolls?

Maybe for your own little ones? Or the neighbors? Or as gifts? Or hey, how about one or two to sit up on your room shelf? They will surely happy up your creative space : )


Before getting started, go and draw a pattern on cardboard and cut out a Doll Pattern.

Trace your pattern  on a doubled folded piece of fabric.

Cut out your fabric 2x piece of

***Seam allowance for the dolls is 1/4 inch

***I used 100% cotton for the doll pattern piece.

***and twine for the hair.

For one doll, you’ll need 2 body pieces,  and then possibly some hair.  After cutting them out in your desired fabric, attach any extra pieces you need like ears. that’s if you want some ears.

For the shoes, I used the leg pattern piece to cut out a shoe shape and then sewed each “shoe” onto the bottom of each leg piece (on the “right side” of the fabric)


With just one line of stitching a long the straight top edge of each “shoe”.  I used felt for some of the shoes but you could used a variety of fabrics.  If you use a fabric that frays, you’ll need to fold under the top raw edge of your shoe before sewing it down.


(I found that using a shorter stitch length really helped while sewing around small circles.  It will give you more control.)  You could also hand-stitch the face on right now  but I wanted to see the dolls all put together before deciding where the mouths would go…..but you decide what works best for you.


Construction of the dolls:

Once your dolls have all the details you want (or don’t want), it’s time to put everything together.

First, place your Body Front and back right sides together, matching up the the straight edges of both. stich all around but be sure and leave a short piece on the one side of the tummy open and the short straight ends open on the arms and legs.

Make several cuts along the curves of the neck/head/under arms and crotch.  Cut right up to the seam but not through it.

Now, practice some patience and start by turning the legs and arms right side out. 🙂  I use the rubber eraser end of a pencil or chrochet needle to shove the closed end down inside of itself and then wiggle it through until I can get it turned completely right side out.  You may have to work at it slowly and pull on little bits of fabric at a time to force the pencil through……but it will turn eventually.  Then, use something smaller (knitting needle, mechanical pencil tip, etc) to poke out the thumb and “finger” and feet sections.

Then, turn the doll’s torso and head right side out.

Then start to stuff each arm and leg with batting (not too full and tight……but not too loose and floppy either).  I used the eraser end of a pencil again, to help shoe the batting inside each one.

leave about a 1/2 inch free at each end, then stuff the torso and head. You’ll need enough batting to really plump it out and expand all of the seams and give the doll shape.  But not so full that all the seams are pulling and almost splitting.

Then, fold the tummy side open edges towards the inside, a 1/4 inch, and hand-stitch closed, and also the hands and feet openings.

Paint/draw/ the face.

Decide on the hair do.. cut the twine accordingly.. stich to the head.

Dress your doll with your own handmade outfits.


And walah that’s it.

Enjoy your own handmade cutie doll Xx Susan

What the wedding colour Pink say about your personality.

Pink for today!

In colour psychology pink relates to unconditional love and understanding, and the giving and receiving of nurturing.

use veil as table cloth
Soft pink wedding theme display

Your marriage partner will need to love and accept you unconditionally and show sincere appreciation for the loving things you do each day.

use veil as a table runner
Table setting

Combining pink with other darker colours such as dark blue, dark green, black or gray, adds strength and sophistication to pink.

Pink calms the physical passion and power of red making it a gentler and loving energy.

Blush: This is a very pale pink with sensual and sexual undertones. It is non-threatening but lacks enthusiasm, excitement and energy.

Rose Pink: This is a more mature pink, but still feminine and romantic; the pink of universal love.

Pink as your wedding colour will create a mood of gentle warmth, love and thoughtfulness.

Salmon Pink: This variation of pink contains a touch of orange. It encourages the flirt, and can be a sign of the shy lover, all talk and no play.

Orchid: This is more of a lavender-pink and relates to the unusual and the individual doing his or her own thing. It is the non-conformist.


Hot Pink: Contemporary and modern for a wedding, yet romantic and fun, it radiates a more passion than pale pink. It inspires sensual love and a love of life..

Pink is a positive colour inspiring warm and comforting feelings, a sense that everything will be okay in the end and this is what you are hoping for with your wedding and marriage.

What’s out for my next post: What the wedding colour white say about your personality.



Pink rose garter
Pink rose garter set A10020G

Watch out for my next Post: What the wedding colour White say about your personality.

Cheers Susan

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What to Do With your wedding veil, bird cages and flowers after the wedding.

Beautifull wedding veil
Beautifull wedding veil

Here are a few ideas to transform your hair wedding accessories.


Use the net, flowers, emblemishments or use it all to beautify a plain hat and change it into a artpiece which you can wear at your next high tea party or at the horse races.

Hat with flowers
Hats with flowers

Bridal-wedding veil

use veil as table cloth
use veil as table cloth

Remember to first carefully rince your wedding veil in luke soapwater and airdry before using.

Wedding veil

Depending on the size use it as a beautiful table cloth on its own.

use veil as a table runner
use veil as a table runner

Or change a dull table setting by using your veil as a table runner-cover to cover a table cloth in the colour of your choice.. you won’t believe the transformation.

Short wedding veil

Breakfast tray
Breakfast tray

Sew a few flowers or emblemishments on and use it as a covering net for food or throw it loosley over a breakfast tray.


Make something completely new out of your wedding accessories.

Lamp cover

lamp cover
lamp cover

Use the veil netting, flowers and lace to make a beautiful lamp cover, so that a memory of your wedding day could continue to be passed down for generations.


Donate all your accessories to a bride in need. making the right decision by allowing another woman to enjoy the accessories. There are millions of women who are looking for wedding accessories but can’t afford it.

custom made roses South Africa
soft white hair flower

Hope these tips will help inspire you to do something with your left over wedding accessories.

Please share your ideas and tell us what you plan on doing with yours once you’re married! or what you did with your wedding accessories if you are already married.


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Wedding garter ideas

There are plenty of things you can do with your wedding garter.

Rose, cream, lace, silk, wedding garter
Mouton collection garter A1004G

Garters makes a beautiful keepsake that can be used for a multitude of things including crafts, ornaments, and even hair bands and ties.

use wedding garter as decoration
use wedding garter as decoration

Here are a few ideas

Keep your garter as a keepsake

store your garter
store your garter

just store your garter in a box. It will be a bundle of happy memories every time you open the box. Keep the box dry and out of the sun consider adding a mothball or other moth deterrent to the box if you store your garter in this fashion.

Wedding Garter leaves
Mouton collection garter A1006G

Saving it as a headband for your baby one day.


Most baby’s headbands are actually based on the shape and style of a garter anyway.

White garter
Luxury White garter A10018G

Saving it and giving it to your daughter for her wedding. Most garters are normally one size fits all.

Mom and bride
Mom and bride

Depending on the look and shape of your garter you can make a nice lamp cover maybe with extra bridal netting and embellishments, or just loosely drape it over a vintage feel lamp.

use wedding garter as lamp cover
use wedding garter as lamp cover

What to Do With your wedding dress after the wedding

a few ideas what to do with your wedding dress after the wedding.

Save your dress as a keepsake.

wedding dress
wedding dress

Preserving your gown doesn’t mean it needs to sit in storage… celebrate your anniversary and have a romantic photo session of you two…by taking photos, and wearing your wedding dress.

romantic photo session
romantic photo session

Or wear it every year on your anniversary? ask your friends to do the same by hosting a dress up party (that’s if your wedding dresses still fits!) have all your friends over to celebrate with you with lots of champagne, homemade food, cake and music made for a super fun party.


The best part is to set up a photo booth with your camera and a tripod so you could all take pictures together [in your wedding gowns].

photo booth
photo booth

Donate your dress to a worthy cause.

You could contact a prop house and donate the dress to them. It could be perfect for a movie or TV show and it is a great way to have the dress to live on. maybe you will see it in a movie wedding scene someday!”

Or why not donate your wedding dress to a nonprofit organisation Who will sell it for much cheaper than the original price, allowing another woman to enjoy the dress.

There are millions of women who are looking for a gorgeous, showstopper gown but just can’t afford a brand new one.

donate your wedding dress
donate your wedding dress

Or donate it to Women Against Breast Cancer.

Check with your daughter first before donating it…

Make something completely new out of your wedding dress (that’s if you have the guts to cut it up)

Use the material and lace of the dress to make a christening gown for your children or grand children so that it can continue to be passed down for generations.


Or use some of the material by making beautiful scatter cushions or pillow cases.

pillow cases
pillow cases

Trash the dress!”

Want to do something memorable for your anniversary? so why not pull out your wedding dress and do something fun with it?

“I think the point of a ‘trash the dress’ session is not to do something you will regret down the line, but instead, to enrich your wedding/marriage experience by giving yourself the gift of feeling beautiful”.

trash the dress
trash the dress

Dance in the rain or dive in the sea, role in the hay or jump into a mud pool.

trash the dress
trash the dress

You no longer have to worry about keeping it clean for the ceremony…you could simply be in your dress and relax.

Whatever you do just enjoy it and remember to take pictures.

Tell us what you plan on doing with yours once you’re married! or what you did with your wedding dress if you are already married.

Leftover wedding cake

Here are some fun ways to use leftover wedding cake:

cake with red roses
cake with red roses

1. Serve cake from your wedding day at your future child’s christening or another momentous spiritual celebration in your family. The “good luck” tier will bring back beautiful memories from your big day.

cake with greenery
cake with greenery

2. “Christen” your newly purchased house after the wedding by defrosting your top cake tier. Spend your first night there feeding each other the first few bites and sipping fine champagne.

wedding cake taste
wedding cake taste

3. Take any leftover wedding cake home and let guests dig in at your after-party or morning-after brunch! Many guests skip cake after a huge wedding feast, or they skip it in favor of all the other desserts on display, so this is a great way for them (and maybe you, too) to get a full slice. Plus, serving cake you’ve already paid for is a brilliant budget-saver.

4. Serve your cake a month or two after the big day, when friends or family members who couldn’t attend your wedding due to illness or pregnancy come visit. They’ll love getting to share your wedding cake with you after the disappointment of missing out on your big day, and you’ll love having this magic moment with them as well.

gold cake
gold cake

5. Invite your parents over for a thank-you dinner to express gratitude for their financial contributions to the wedding and/or invaluable planning support. Surprise them by serving your wedding cake’s top tier as dessert. Again, it’s a freebie for you, and they’ll love the sweet gesture. Besides, if they were circulating during the reception, maybe they didn’t get a slice that day, either!

6. Give the top tier to your parents. If you know your wedding day will be sentimental to them, and that they would otherwise just head home to a quiet house – or if they’re inviting their friends to their place for their own after-party – your sweet gift lets them enjoy a memory from your big daY  Wedding cake

7. Reward yourselves for getting all of your thank-you notes done with some cake and champagne.

White Wedding cake
White Wedding cake

8. Celebrate a romantic anniversary. It can be your actual wedding anniversary, the anniversary of the date you got engaged, or even the new trend of celebrating the six-months married mark. Break out the special plates from your registry!

Exclusive Extra’s Wedding Accessory Special

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What the wedding colour Red say about your personality

red shoes
red shoes

The colour red for your chosen wedding theme and what it say about your personality.

As per my previous post your choice of wedding colours tends to be a subconscious reflection of your personality and an indication of how you imagine your future marriage will be.

cake with red roses
cake with red roses

You may have decided on your colour, or colours, years and years before your wedding, but it will still reflect your personality traits.

red dress
red dress


Choosing a Red themed wedding, from a colour psychology perspective, creates passion, energy and excitement.

bridal party
bridal party

Red will create a warm and stimulating mood at your wedding with high energy and lots of action.

  • Choosing red for your main wedding colour identifies you as extroverted, confident and optimistic.
  • It is an attention-seeking and an attention-getting colour so whichever way you look at it, you like to be noticed and love being the centre of attention – which of course is perfect for your wedding.
  • You are action oriented with a deep need for physical fulfilment and to experience life through the five senses – this will be evident in your wedding with music, dancing, good food and a great visual experience for everyone.
  • You will want to be in control of all aspects of your wedding, but be aware that you may come across as being bossy at times and your aggression may upset others involved in your wedding planning.
  • You will demonstrate a vibrant enthusiasm for life throughout your marriage as you discover and pursue new physical directions and goals – you will need a like-minded marriage partner to keep up with your energy levels!

    Variations of Red

    The deeper the red, the more subdued the energy and the more sophisticated it is.

    Burgundy, which is red with some black or dark purple in it, is controlled passion and energy.

  • red rose boutonniere
    red rose boutonniere

    Maroon, which is red with blue in it, is a more conservative colour involving thoughtful action and passion.


    There are some old English superstitions around using red and white for wedding colours. These superstitions say that any combination of red and white, including flowers, should be avoided because they represent blood and bandages–not the best symbols for a wedding. If you are not superstitious then take no notice of this.

    red shoes wedding
    red shoes wedding

    Cheers until next time

    Watch out for my next Post: What the wedding colour  Pink say about your personality.

    Cheers Susan

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